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All characters on this site got no age. They are FICTION, DRAWN, NOT REAL but does not mean they are not fappable. eg:


  • You can fap the gallery by click the fap button but, you must login to do that. Unlimited? Yes, It is unlimited++++
  • Fapped galleries has a unique border and ribbon on the gallery list. It means that, you have successfully fapped on it.
  • Tags can be liked or disliked (blacklist). It is also umlimited? Yes.
  • Liked tags has also a unique border and ribbon on the gallery list. It is a recommendation for you.
  • Blacklisted tags has a blurd on the gallery list.


The search feature has a multiple functions that can be a pain in ass sometimes.

If you inputed Cells at Work!, the search function will search the words Cells, at, Work!. To make sure that it will not happen. You must use " (double quote) eg. "Cells at Work!" and it will search the string Cells at Work! and return the galleries that contains the word you inputted.

You can also search tags on it without using the Advance Search Setting by adding a + or - on the very first word of your input. eg: +anal, it means that, it will search the galleries with anal tag on it. What if the tag has a (space) on it?. Just do the same thing, add " (double quote) on the string. eg: +"Big Ass".

Remmeber that, adding a + to your input means, search the galleries that has +included tags on it. Can I search mutilple tags? yes you can. eg: +anal +"Big Ass". Do the same thing with -, exclude the galleries that has -excluded tags on it. It does also apply to other types of tag. Like parody, character.. etc etc.


Thank you for your support. -9hentai.com